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Tre Mesi is a photographic project developed in southern Italy, between the provinces of Naples, Salerno and Caserta. The reason I took these images was a need to marvel at everyday life, far from stereotypical creativity, straddling the line between physical travel and inner exploration. During these three months I needed to get in touch with objects, places and myself.

They were ninety days in which I needed to detach myself from all fears, from any wall that human beings are used to creating, from the alienating monotony in which I have too often lost myself. Somehow, I felt the need to become a child again, to marvel at the landscapes and marginal details that we often take for granted or far from the common sense of aesthetically beautiful and perfect. With a slightly nostalgic outlook, I tried to empty entirely myself, in order to exist. The journey, as often happens, proved to be a cathartic element, which helps us to get to know ourselves and understand our surroundings.

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