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Come un fiore senza terra is an invitation to re-evaluate certain situations or places that at first sight seem to deny any possible reinterpretation and that are often associated with the 'not beautiful' or are too common to devote a few extra seconds of observation to. The message is to try to dwell on something that one often has in front of one's eyes, on situations that seem abandoned but are anything but dead, because from the moment one sets one's eyes on them they come to life again. The project seeks to start from a less hurried, more conscious and affectionate gaze, getting in tune with the place represented.


We often find ourselves standing still due to an excess of movement that is not of our own making but of the outside world. In the age of quantity, dictated by numerous events, images and words, I happened to succumb to a vortex of dissonant impulses and rhythms that did not belong to me. The anesthesia I felt in focusing my attention on distant events did not allow me to concentrate on what was near. This gave rise to the need to find a strong connection with what at first glance appears ordinary and unimportant. The point of balance that can be found in the periphery, in certain seemingly static situations forgotten by the daily hustle and bustle, became my way of breathing deeply and identifying with the landscape around me.


All images were shot in analogue medium format in southern Italy, between Campania, Apulia and Sicily.

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